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I uplift & empower women to live an authentic, balanced, & graceful life so they can heal, gain energy and clarity and fully show up for and enjoy their life!

Our proverbial hammock is linked together by many different threads. Every choice we make brings our body closer to wellness or further away. When each thread is whole, your hammock is life-supporting!  A state of calmness and peace exists in abundance; when you support your body it will support you.

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How do you support yourself during times of stress?

Stress is not fun. However, to some degree we’ve each experienced feelings of stress: our heart starts racing and our breath comes faster,...


Overcoming fear to live a thriving life, moving forward

We were on the final descent into Denver airport. For the second time. If you’ve flown before, you know that usually there is only...


Doing a yoga pose is the same as sky diving

Life is a series of challenges. Sometimes a challenge feels like a HUGE mountain: leaving home to go to college on your own,...

THRIVE not survive

A story of duality: self-discipline and pleasure

I laid my beach towel out on the sand and knelt on it as I straightened out the corners, putting...

25 Ideas on how to use essential oils for cleaning the home, wellness and beauty and balance

25 Ideas on how to use essential oils for cleaning the home, wellness and beauty and balance

For a long time I have had an affinity to essential oils: the calming aspects of Lavender when I sprayed it in the air,...


How to make an easy, healthy yoga mat spray

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to wash your yoga mat even if you don’t practice hot yoga...

face mask using an egg

Pampered at home: Revitalizing Face Mask

This mask uses orange oil and frankincense oil, however you might chose to use different essential oils depending on your...

Steam facial

Pampered at home: Icelandic Facial Sauna

Steam and heat help purify the skin, our body’s largest organ. However, when you don’t have the time or wherewithal to...


Two Revitalizing Facial Moisturizing Recipes, night and day oils

  Are you still buying cancer-in-a-bottle moisturizing bottles from the store? If so, today is the day to start new,...

makeover diet

5 reasons your diet needs a makeover

You feel guilty after eating. We need food to survive, not to make us feel worse about our life! My friend...